Adults Working with Children and Young People

This one day training course is designed for adults working with children and young people, who wish to include relaxation techniques in the work they undertake with their pupils.

Life can be stressful for children and young people and this stress can impact on and impair their academic progress and relationships with adults and peers. Children and young people require skills to manage their emotions and help themselves to re-appraise events. Through learning relaxation skills children and young people can learn to control systems in their bodies to affect those they cannot, helping them to ‘look at things differently’ and more able to learn and cope with life in general.

The relaxation techniques taught for use with children and young people are what is known as active relaxation, that is, it is self activated and there is no person to person touch required.

Learning relaxation techniques has been shown to improve children and young people’s emotional well being, increase access to learning through reducing stress and increasing confidence. It has also been shown to equip children and young people with transferable skills helping them to, for example, resolve conflicts, get off to sleep more easily at night and make new friends.

Relaxation resources for delegates are included in the training.

For information regarding a resource to support teaching relaxation in schools, click here.