Individual Relaxation Coaching

Do you want to learn skills and techniques to reduce and manage stress in your life?

Relaxation is a completely natural process, is in the control of the individual and involves no drugs. Research supports that learning relaxation skills empowers individuals to more effectively manage stress and reduce anxiety. There are many physical and psychological benefits to learning and using relaxation techniques.

Some adults prefer to experience relaxation in a one to one situation. These can be arranged and tailored to individual needs as required. Individual sessions would normally last for one hour.

Sessions typically include deep breathing (diaphragmatic) techniques, progressive relaxation, everyday relaxation techniques and visualisation.

Sessions begin with a consultation to establish any preferred techniques and desired outcomes the client may have, and to discuss any possible contraindications. During the session there will be the chance for the client to experience various relaxation techniques, allowing them to choose for themselves those which they feel are most comfortable and useful.

Relaxation, like any other new skill, needs to be practised, therefore it is recommended that a minimum of three sessions are completed. The aim of practising relaxation is for it to become an autonomic process and part of everyday life, and to counterbalance unmanageable levels of stress. Relaxation works on the mind and body, promoting a holistic harmony. This promotes concentration and increases awareness.

The purpose of relaxation is to reduce negative emotional and physiological feelings, release tension, restore energy and encourage calming thought processes. By relaxing we can improve our physical and psychological health.

Adults have reported that relaxation has helped them to overcome a variety of difficulties, for example, sleeping difficulties, recurrent headaches, fatigue and anxiety.

Sessions can be carried out in our comfortable Relaxation Room (Ely, Cambridgeshire), or for corporate clients and educational establishments, with more than one client, at your place of work.

COST: £35 per session or £180 for 6 sessions if booked and paid for in advance. Plus travel for venues over 5 miles from Ely, Cambridgeshire.