Peer Support in Primary Schools

Children play an active part in the construction of their world and adults can work with them to provide and construct environments where caring can be explored as part of children’s learning. If adults accept children as active contributors to society then they are also active contributors to the development of systems within those societies, one of those systems being care within our schools. One way of constructing a caring system within school is through the participation of children in peer support.

Developing a whole school approach to care ensures that peer support is not ‘patchy’ or left to chance, but embedded in the ethos of the school. Working with pupils in the school, this training gives pupils the skills to care for their peers within a system or structure and harnesses the willingness children have to help one another.

Working with the staff in your school, Evthemonia can offer training to set up a peer support system particularly aimed at improving playtimes and ultimately developing peer support throughout the school.