Stress Management

We live in a world of where change is taking place at an incredible pace. This pace of change and the feeling that there is so much to do places ever more burden on each of us. These feelings can lead to stress, which is believed to cause more ailments and illness than anything else. For some of us this stress has also become a habit, and we don’t even realise it! We can come to accept our stress and just live with it, but we don’t need to.

So how can we break this stress habit? We can learn what stress is, we can learn to recognise our own stress and we can change habits, although it is difficult and will take time. This process means learning new behaviours and some simple techniques and exercises.

Evthemonia can offer a stress management day which is suitable for groups of up to approximately 20 adults and will allow participants to explore their own stressors and stress habits, consider their behaviour patterns and learn simple and effective techniques and exercises to begin to manage stress successfully.