Behaviour Management

There are different approaches to behaviour management in schools and what works for one school may not be appropriate for another. However a common theme in the world of ‘behaviour difficulties’ is blame. As the behaviour gets worse there can be a tendency for parents to blame the school, schools to blame the parents and sometimes both to blame the children!! Too much time and energy is wasted on blame. it’s time to set this aside and work on what we can do to improve the lives of pupils, teachers and the wider community.

Bespoke training is available to compliment what is already working in your school. To build on good practice and develop other aspects in negotiation with YOU!

The people that work in the school and understand the local community are best placed to  develop the ethos and any systems of behaviour management. Our job is to bring ideas and expertise to support this process. We will design and deliver bespoke training for your school in negotiation with the senior managers.

Please contact to request more details or book a planning visit.