Relaxation Skills for Adults and Children Training, presented by Jackie Lamb

Happy Healthy Workshop Day, March 2007 (organised by the multi-agency parenting subgroup of the Epping Forest Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership)

“Jackie presented this informative yet practical session to 40 practitioners from a wide range of health, education and voluntary sector backgrounds attending the ‘Happy Healthy’ workshop day for frontline workers.

The aim of the session was to:

  • Outline research findings indicating the effectiveness of relaxation in helping young people to manage stress and the effects of stress
  • introduce participants to some practical relaxation techniques to use both with the children and young people they work with as well as for themselves
  • give participants the opportunity to explore ways in which they could introduce relaxation techniques to their area of work

Participants were able to experience breathing techniques for themselves, to view practical resources and take away a free stress busting wristband.

After the session, 56% of the completed evaluations rated the workshop as excellent and a further 33% as very good. When asked, as part of the evaluation of the whole day (5 topics), “Will you be able to practically make changes to support positive mental health in your setting?” 20% cited their intention to use the relaxation techniques learned.

Jackie ensured that she explored the aims of the session with the subgroup in advance and delivered relevant, interactive training in an easily accessible format. The session was well prepared and well targeted at the audience with handouts for participants and Jackie’s warm manner made it easy for participants to interact and ask questions. Comments from participants included “Loved it”, “Longer would have been good”, “Enjoyed very much”, “Want more, need more, thank you”.”

Sally Theodoreson, Ex Chair of Epping Forest Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership – Parenting Subgroup

Relaxation Skills Training for adults working with children and young people presented by Jackie Lamb

Clacton and Harwich Excellence Cluster training September 2006

‘I can honestly say this was one of the best courses I have participated in and I returned to school knowing this was an area into which I wanted to delve deeper’
Tina Rowland – Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Alton park School

Introduction to Restorative Practices. Presented by Jackie Lamb

Integrated Support, Children’s Support Service training April 2008

On behalf of the Integrated Support Service, I should like to thank you for the presentation you gave. To enthuse a group of teachers at the end of term is a difficult task, but you can be assured your presentation was extremely well received. We, within ISS work with some very challenging young people, and presentations such as yours help us to consider ways of working that add breadth to our planning and responses.

Thank you again.

Janet Tovey, Assistant Integrated Support Manager

Introduction to Restorative Practices. Presented by Jackie Lamb

Essex Secondary School November 2009

I am writing to thank you for delivering the Restorative Justice Training to our staff. They came back into school motivated and thoroughly inspired as a result of the programme.

Once again, thank you.

Sue Collins. Inclusion Manger.

Relaxation for Schools Training at the Harlow Study Centre 2010

I really didn’t want to come to this training, I was sent. I thought it would be a bit ‘touchy feely’ and ‘out there’. But before you had got half an hour into the training I could see that it was evidence based and could actually be useful in school. I know the children I work with will benefit from the strategies I have learned today. One of the best courses I have attended. Thank you.

One of the many positive comments  from the evaluation forms of delegates on this course.


One to One Relaxation carried out by Jackie Lamb July 2012

Jackie listened to what I was trying to achieve. I felt my job, which I love, was overwhelming me, and I wanted to ‘get a grip’. The session was so relaxing (no pun intended) and I was able to learn the techniques easily, so could use them at home and even at work. After just 1 session I felt so much better. Thank you.

Anon – Ely Cambridgeshire

Emotional resilience programme for KS1 pupils. Harlow Primary School

I really did find the sessions of great benefit to me, the children and the school! Thank you.

Julie Mcallister

School Home Support Practitioner

Behaviour Management Training for Support Staff. Henry Moore School Harlow, Essex

  • I personally found learning better responses to handling children’s behaviour, questions and demands, very beneficial and will certainly be using these moving forward. Extremely informative training.
  • I found the different alternative words that can be used in sentences whilst talking to children very helpful in achieving  the goals that I want out of them.
  • I enjoyed the sharing of everyone’s ideas with each other and that there is no one definitive answer for a particular scenario. Good reference to theories and reality to practice.
  • I learn a lot and understand more about behaviour it was very useful for my work that I do.
  • All the techniques I have learned in this training is and will be very helpful to me in dealing with situations. So I did find the training very good and helpful.
  • what was useful ? – switching the bad statements to useful ones. What wasn’t useful? Nothing.
  • I found the training very useful as it is very easy to apply to my work setting. I thought all the topics were very relevant and I know it has taught me useful skills which will help me to communicate with the children more successfully.
  • Found the sessions helpful and thought provoking. Great to have the handouts to look at and think about different ways to speak and to deal with situations. Wish there was a course to attend that was longer. Really enjoyed it. Thanks you.
  • I was made aware of the language I use and how it can be mis-understood by children. It’s always good to be reminded of my behaviour versus the child’s behaviour.
  • Really found it useful, wasn’t sure that it would be beneficial, but it really was! I particularly appreciated the anecdotes and solutions to different scenarios. Enjoyable session, very interactive and interesting. Thank you.
  • I found this very informative and has given me lots of things to try, thank you.
  • I have found this training very educational for my day to day job. I have enjoyed this training and have found it will be very useful in the future.

Mid-day Assistant Training – Primary School, Harlow, Essex. Feb 2015

Following your fabulous success we would like to book you for further Midday training on 13th April.

Are you available?

Team Building morning and ‘Starting the Year Positively’ afternoon – INSET day. Potter Street Primary School, Harlow. September 2016

I just wanted to thank you for such a great team building day. Over the last 15 years I have been to many such days and always dread them as I hate the role play activities but today was fantastic. You brought us all together so skillfully and this afternoon has explained our plans for building those relationships for good learning.

Thank you once more and I hope to see you soon.

Sue Spearman Deputy Headteacher


Sally Smith. Bishop William Ward Primary School, Great Horkesley. ‘Inroduction to the Role of the Learning Mentor’ March 2018

Really positive comments about the training so thank you as always for the high level bespoke service. See you again soon.

Anger Management Training September 2018. From a Teaching Assistant, Primary School in Kettering.

Dear Jackie
Was lovely to meet you, Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your fabulous informative training session last week.
I am for sure going to be able to use the bits I learnt from you in school straight away and recommend this training.
Thanks again xx